Posted by: admin | October 30, 2008

Insane Travel Deal: Fly LA to Hawaii + 5 nights hotel for $283 per person!

Fly LAX to Honolulu: Airfare + 5 Nights Hotel for $565 for TWO over Thanksgiving break.  Price includes tax!  Book on

I found this amazing travel deal.  I would kill to be able to do this but alas, I already have plans to spend my Thanksgiving week in Southern Cal.  I plan to scout out Santa Monica beach and get in touch with the PE shop out there for a follow up position discussion.  I’ll be looking forward to the sun and so can you.

If anyone has suggestions on absolute things a first-time visitor to LA need to do, leave a comment, I’d love to hear.

Do me one favor though and watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall prior to your trip to prep yourself.  It is hilarious and one of the top 3 movies this year.  Click here for the link to Yahoo Movies! where you read the plot synopsis, reviews, ratings and more. Watch this hilarious trailer:


Book on through this Link

Leaving Thur, Nov 27th, Return Tue, Dec 2nd (I didn’t check other dates, but some may work)

Enter in code: 5HAWAII250

Cheapest Hotel is Castle Ocean Resort Hotel Waikiki (or upgrade for a little more)…

Flight + Hotel $815.44
Orbitz coupon -$250
Total trip cost $565 (For 2 passengers!)  You can also select 1 passenger and get it for $302, good for going alone or with a friend if you want separate rooms.

Price will reduce when you click through.


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