Posted by: admin | October 7, 2008

How To Get Back Overdraft Fees From Your Bank

Let’s be honest, nobody likes paying overdraft fees to your bank, especially when they charge +$25 each time.  I’ve had to argue with my bank several times for them to reverse a ridiculous $25 “fee” when I went over my account by a mere few dollars.  I realize how frustrating the process can be and how it seems banks nickel-and-dime their customers as much as they can.

One guy decided to fight back. He asked none other than perennial Green Party presidential candidate and consumer advocate Ralph Nader what he should do.  Nader offers some good advice on how to get your $$$ money back.  Turns out if we all did this, the banks would flip their shit.  Or eventually, simply hire more lawyers to defend themselves. Here’s the great video of one guy’s journey to ‘beating the bank’ at their overdraft fees.


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