Posted by: admin | October 5, 2008

A SWOT Analysis On America

Fred Wilson over at his blog Musings of a VC in NYC shared a great post one of his commentors left on his website.  Fred is a venture capitalist for a successful firm called Union Square Ventures.  His blog provides great insight into VC deals and the thought process behind them.  I’ve always been interested in early-stage venture capital deals but they fall out of my firm’s target criteria so we don’t give them much thought before we pass, which is unfortunate given how many VC info memorandums that come down our pipeline.  Check out the link below:

A SWOT Analysis on America


1. Decay of rationalism. Right there is your biggest problem. The War on Science; the ascend of bullshit artists and religious nutjobs; the contempt for reality, facts, numbers, data that has pervaded the business, financial and political elites.
2.  Very poor lifestyle energy-efficiency, especially in transportation
3.  Unsustainable military spending and engagements
4. Proliferation of a “heads I win, tails someone else loses” model in the economy and finance, also known as “Privatization of profits, socialization of losses” (And yes, many venture capitalists can be blamed for that, too.)


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